Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity and reminding you of who you are. Accessing your Records can provide answers, clarity, comfort, healing, and peace.

What to Expect

After booking a reading, you will receive an email from me requesting applicable information needed and any questions you would like to ask. Elizabeth will then open the Records and channel answers to your questions as well as insight and guidance. Topics that are commonly explored are relationships, big decisions, disempowering patterns and blocks, finances, career, creativity, health, and more. Then once the reading is finished, you will receive a PDF of the session by email.

"Thank you so much for this. It confirms so many things happening in my life right now, and thank you for your insight on this. I am so grateful and I now have clarity on so many things. I’m so grateful."

"Omg that’s amazing! I’m working on all those things I just don’t know how to let go, plus I have no desire to get on dating sites so that’s interesting that’s what was coming in thank you so much I really appreciate it!"

"Oh my goodness!! Thank you so so much. It resonated 100%!!! Literally every single part of that. Thank you so much. I literally was having flashes/connections to that life recently and everything is so true of what is going on right now. Words cannot express how grateful I am for that"

"That was so powerful thank you. I've had to read it over and over and write it out to truly understand all the messages that came through. Thank you!"

"This was bang on, thank you!!"

About Us


Elizabeth empowers women to step into their authenticity and worth with tasty vegan recipes & spiritual healing! She aims to help people create meaningful lives through a holistic approach.